I actually don't have any frequently asked questions, but I figured I would make some for fun. Also I just wanted another page for my blog.

Q.) Why, "a questioning spirit" as a title?
A.) When thinking of titles I remembered how Mark Driscoll once said people were sinning by questioning him, and by having a questioning spirit. This is a little joke I couldn't help but make.

Q.) What are your thoughts on, gay marriage, abortion, gender roles, calvinism etc. etc. etc?
A.) I will probably never answer any of these questions for you. I am tired of theological chess games and find them completely useless in having real conversations with people. I am sure this may lead you to make certain assumptions about the eternal resting place of my soul. Enjoy your assumptions.

Q.) Where can I find your story about Mars Hill?
A.) My Story      
     My Story, Part II (The more important one in my opinion)

Q.) How is it possible to have so many cats and a husband at the same time?!?!
A.) I know, it's pretty rare feat to accomplish. 

Q.) Why aren't you in the kitchen where God commanded you to serve your husband?
A.) How do you know I am not typing this from the kitchen with a baby in both arms right now?

Q.) What is the best type of hot sauce to use on a quesadilla?
A.) Finally! A question I can use my extensive credentials to answer! This all truly depends on the cheese you are using to prepare your quesadilla. My favorite pairing is sharp cheddar with smoked tabasco. After that I would have to say Pepper Jack with Frank's and mozzarella with your standard tabasco. Also it is VITAL that you burn cheese on the outside of the quesadilla. If you don't do this you are not a real man.

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